Project Details

Customer: Parkland Petroleum

Location: British Columbia

Project Scope: Convert coffee stations from Van Houtte to Bistro On The Run - 62 stores to date

Project Summary

Scope of Work

- Remove and dispose of existing wallpaper

- Prep and paint wall

- Install new wallpaper

- Provide electrical and plumbing for the new equipment, if existing is not sufficient

Preparation for the upgrade/rebranding

Prior to beginning the work, we visited each store to determine the scope of work (scope of work varied per store). Information gathered included:

- Exterior and interior photos

- Electrical panel photos

- 360 degree photos of the location

- Sketch drawings of the coffee area, counters, equipment location, wall height, etc.

- Measure back wall area to apply the custom made 3M Bistro Program Material

- Collect other information including: counter size, equipment serial numbers, etc.

What to expect from the process

We know that having new, well-working food equipment is crucial for your business. We also know that down-time for your business is lost revenue.


Minimal Downtime

For projects such as this, our crews are in and out in as timely a manner as possible. Our goal is to limit any impact on your business.


Cross-Trained Technicians

Our crews are cross trained in many fields - demolition, construction, millwork, equipment service & installation. We are also cross trained for basic electrical and plumbing, and have a substantial network of well qualified subcontractors for larger jobs.


On-site Safety

We know that Safety on site is top of mind for your business... as it is for Techni-Craft. All technicians are POST trained and certified. Trucks are equipped with the most current Safety equipment and supplies.

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