Commercial air conditioning units are intricate pieces of refrigeration technology and need regular maintenance - especially in the springtime in Western Canada!

It takes the trained eye and knowledge of experts to inspect, diagnose, maintain and/or repair your A/C unit. Below are specific inspections our technicians do to determine if an A/C unit requires a routine tune-up or actual repairs.


Many of the most common malfunctions in air conditioning systems are electrical. Moisture and chemicals in the air can cause electrical wiring and connections to rust, which will eventually cause multiple systems to fail and the A/C unit to shut down.
An experienced Technician will look closely for this, as well as for wiring that is coming loose. Sometimes all it takes to fix problems is tightening the connections


Technicians should pay close attention to the motors in an A/C that operates the fans and the compressor.
The strain on motors can cause overload and burnout. If motors are dusty or losing lubrication, technicians will lubricate them - or recommend replacing them entirely if needed.


An air conditioner comes with a factory-set level of refrigerant, known as its ‘charge’. If technicians find the refrigerant charge has dropped during inspections, they’ll know there are leaks somewhere that must be fixed.

This is a critical repair. Without it, the compressor is in danger of an expensive failure that may require replacing the whole A/C unit. With an experienced Technician, identifying this repair at the right time will save you a lot of money on replacements.


The blower moves air through the coils of the A/C and into the ductwork. Dirty or failing blowers cut down on efficiency and airflow. An experienced technician will clean the coils to ensure good air movement and recommend replacing the blower only if needed.


The thermostat is a part of your HVAC system, and it needs to be checked as well to make sure that it hasn’t become mis-calibrated. Even a small miscalibration will start to drain energy needlessly wasting you money.

Techni-Craft has been in the HVAC business since 1996 and we are proud to say ‘we know what we’re doing’. Our team of technicians are fully trained and experienced.

You’re busy running your business. Let us worry about you and your customers’ comfort. Get in touch with us to schedule your A/C spring inspection and tune-up.

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